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About us

Our dogs

At the beginning of 2014 we brought little Chita home. Small and beautiful crazy girl. I hadn’t planned to have merle girl but she was born in this colour and according to my dreams she has long tail. Her intelligence and willingness to do anything defeated me at the beginning 😀 Presently I have a girl from my dreams, who would do anything for me. A girl who knows perfectly what I feel. Moreover she is always ready to do anything that I expect from her (even subconsciously). A girl who has grown up exactly as I expected, despite having a few drawbacks.

How I found Chita?

We got an info about Flake`s litter in November, when the pregnancy was confirmed. Perfect litter, linebred to Shamba. Chita`s father is amazing male from Brasil – Simon (Wind Spirit Nobody Does It Better). Now he is also a father of the most awarded aussie in USA – Grace. We just had to convince Dominika that we will be good for a puppy from this litter. And we did it 🙂


5 months later we took Pancho. Black boy with long tail. We had never planned to breed him (despite having quite nice pedigree his type and topline are not acceptable for me). His most important advantages (for me) have been his natural heeling with eye contact and hugging to people 🙂 A boy who visited a few shows in his life  (mainly because he loves contact with so many other people) with quite good results. Pancho is 51cm and 20kg which is just perfect size for me. Despite being 4,5 years old he is still the same puppy who can do anything for toy and for work with people. Who could play with me or with dogs for ling time, with a little breaks for eating something. We neutered Pancho this year because he was very sensitive to bitches in heat (we live in a flat).


3,5 years later my biggest dream came true (dream about temperament, appearance and pedigree). We took to our home little, black Bibi. Granddaughter of Bonny & Flake. A girl with temperament which is connection of the best features of Pancho and Chita. Very smart, very eager to do anything, with very strong will to please. A girl who follows me step by step (sometimes I have to pull bathroom’s door to leave it because she sleeps below 🙂 ) and who loves the whole world. An additional advantages of her are perfect (for me) proportions, perfect size, a movement from my dreams.



Our free time

The Dogs live with us at home. We go on holidays or to work together. They are perfect companion for long walks and perfect heaters when it is cold.

When we took Chita and Pancho we never planned to breed Australian shephers. I just wanted to have best friend. A friend for long walks, trips. A friend whom I could take to the dog show and try some other activity from time to time.

We go to dog shows but I have never dreamed of it. Quite the contrary: the shows were something stupid and silly for me. Later they appeared to be just a golden mean. A perfect opportunity to work with dogs in a very demanding surrounding (sometimes we can be met while doing obedience in an empty show ring). I had planned to give the shows up many times.  But after a short break I have decided to try again. A moment when I see very happy, perfectly focused dog who presents himself like a dream always confirms me that I made a good decision.

What I expect from Australian shepherds?

First of all they should have perfect, balanced temperament and will to do anything with his human. I like very compact, proportional dogs, with strong, straight topline and free, balanced gait.

I have dreamed about a dog for my whole life. When I met first Australian Shepherd I realized that they have all traits which I’m looking for. Tight bound with his human, intelligence (which is not always an advantage), will to work with his human on many ways. Additional advantages are medium size, medium coat and perfect proportions of body.

After 6 years of going to the shows, 6 years of doing database of aussies I still can’t understand one thing. For me a dog first and foremost is a friend. The friend who will not feel bad when someone tells that he has crooked leg, awful coat or huge ear. Being angry at the people who have their own opinion about someone’s dogs is totally strange. Because without knowing flaws we can’t try to breed better dogs. And by discrediting flaws noone will make them disappear.

Finally, I would like to thank to a few people:

Dominika Antonik (Moto Pies kennel) for Your trust and giving us perfect dogs.

Huge thanks to Kinga Iwaniuk for showing Bibi at many important shows.

Iwona, Ania, Natalia, Dominika (Trinkets), Agnieszka, Zbyszek – thanks for showing us this dogs’ world before we got our first dog.

To Joanna P. (Axemia) and Olga (Cawero) for Your support on shows.

To Ms Ewa for support in difficult moments and making us aware of a few things.