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THIEF OF HEARTS Moto Pies – shows

Our first steps on dogshows

Chita has begun her show career when she was 5 months old. From then we take her to the show from time to time.
She is Polish Champion (junior & adult). A few times we won a placement on final competitions. She won her first CACIB when she was 18 months. We haven’t tried to get Interchampion title – we never showed her abroad 🙂 

Below You can find links to galleries with results from the shows where Chita was presented.






Chita’s show results 2014

On our first show season (both mine and Chita’s) we acheived following results

Puppy classes

Rybnik – BOB Minor Puppy & BIS Minor Puppy 4, judge: Andrzej Zamoyski

Częstochowa  – BOB Puppy, judge: Andrzej Zamoyski

Częstochowa – BOB Minor Puppy, judge: Aleksandra Lubaszka

Bytom – minor puppy class – v.2 very promissing<, judge: Grzegorz Robak/em>

Będzin -puppy class – v.1 very promissing, judge: Iwona Kocemba

Junior class

Bytom -v.2 excellent, judge: Andrzej Zamoyski

Zabrze – v.2 excellent, judge: Bogusław Chmiel

Chorzów – v.2 excellent, judge: Joanna Adamowska

Wrocław –  v. 4/5 excellent, judge: Barbara Larska

Kielce – v. 2/3 excellent, judge: Jasna Matejcić

Chita’s show results in 2015

Jarosław – BOB Junior & BIS Junior III, judge Anna Jaśkiewicz

Zakopane – intermediate class – CAC & CACIB & BOS, judge: Jan Gajewski

Kraków – intermediate class – CAC & CACIB & BOS, judge: Jan Gajewski

Rzeszów – BOB Junior, judge: Katarzyna Fiszdon

Bydgoszcz – BOB Junior, judge: Borys Aleksandrov (UA)

Jasło – intermediate class – CAC & BOS, judge: Ireneusz Picheta

Bielsko – Biała – intermediate class – CAC, judge: Aleksandra Lubaszka

Będzin – intermediate class – v1. excellent, judge: Paweł Boniecki

Łódź – junior class – v4. excellent, judge: Olga Dolejsova

Rybnik – intermediate class – v2. excellent, judge: Andrzej Kaźmierski

Racibórz – intermediate class – v1. very good, judge: Anna Redlicka

Zabrze – intermediate class – v2. excellent, judge: Krystyna Opara

Sosnowiec – junior class – v2/3. excellent, judge: Ireneusz Picheta

Show season 2016

This Year only Chita was presented on Dog Shows.

Jarosław – open class – CAC & BOS, judge: Krasimir Todorov

Jasło – champion class – CAC & BOB, judge: Marek Czerniakowski

Bytom – champion class – CAC & BOS, judge: Justyna Jezieniecka-Kulik

Rybnik – champion class – CAC & Best Bitch, judge: Bogusław Chmiel

Katowice – open class – CAC, judge: Justyna Jezieniecka-Kulik

Sosnowiec – open class – v.2 excellent, judge: Ireneusz Picheta

THIEF OF HEARTS Moto Pies – show results 2017

Champion Class

Rybnik-CAC & BOS, judge: Maria Zasada

Kraków – CAC, res.CACIB, judge Nikolay Sedykh

Przemyśl– CAC & BOS, judge: Barbara Larska

Chorzów– CAC, judge: Jan de Gids

Opole– CAC, judge: Marie Petersen

Rybnik – v.3 excellent, judge: Anna Jaśkiewicz

Wisła – CAC, judge: Leszek Salamon

Bytom– CAC, judge: Dusan Paunović

Zakopane – v.3 excellent, judge: Janusz Opara

Zabrze – CAC, judge: Leszek Salamon

Thief Of Hearts Moto Pies – shows in 2018

This time very short show season for our Chita ended with following results:

Wisła – champion class – CAC, BOB & BOG 4

Nowy Targ  open class – CAC & champion class – v.3 excellent

Zakopane – champion class – v.3 excellent

Shows of Chita in 2019

Champion Class

Jarosław – 16.03.2019

champion class- v.1 CAC, Best Bitch & Best of Breed – BOB !!!  judge: Mirko Marković (SRB)


v.1 CAC, res. CACIB, judge: Leszek Salamon (PL)


v.2, excellent, judge: Janusz Opara (PL)


v.2, excellent, judge: Miroslav Václavík (CZ)


v.1 CAC, judge: Roberto Schill (RO)


v.1 CAC, judge: Karen Angier (UK)